ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Job Corps’ mission is to improve the lives of young, low income people, but some could argue that’s not the case, especially after the Albuquerque Police Department’s latest arrest.

“Our narcotics detectives received information that there’s possibly a lot of drug use at the Job Corps and possibly drug dealers were inside,” said Officer Tanner Tixier.

The alleged drug dealer was Job Corps’ very own nurse, Shannon Martinez. According to a criminal complaint, several students were caught smoking marijuana.

When questioned, they admitted they got it from a nurse. One student told police she exchanged the marijuana for Adderall and $27 from Martinez.

“Right now she’s facing a distribution of narcotics at this time,” said Tixier.

Kelly Cegovia is a student at Job Corps and has met Shannon before.

“It’s a bit surprising because, she didn’t strike me as a person who condones that type of stuff,” said Cegovia. She isn’t denying the school does have drug problems.

“With the pot, it’s obvious who uses because they’ll come in reeking like it,” said Cegovia.

A couple of years ago Job Corps, including the Albuquerque campus was in the national spotlight for drug and alcohol problems going unreported. Now with Martinez getting busted for dealing drugs, students like Kelly want change.

“I would definitely suggest a little bit more of organization and discipline,” said Cegovia.

KRQE News 13 did receive an email from the mother of one of the students involved. It says they’ve been suspended from Job Corps.

As for Martinez, she has bonded out of jail.