ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closures that came with it affected New Mexico’s school kids. But how much of an impact did the pandemic have on learning in the state, and how is the state trying to measure it?

A recent KRQE News 13 investigation from Gabrielle Burkhart takes a closer look into the effect COVID-19 shutdowns had on kids across the state. Gabrielle recently spoke to KRQE Digital Anchor Chris McKee about the story in a “behind the story” interview.

Watch the video above for the complete investigative conversation. For context on this investigative conversation, watch Gabby’s investigation titled, “How far behind are New Mexico’s schoolchildren?”

Among the topics discussed, Gabby and Chris talk more about the struggle the New Mexico Public Education Department is assessing how far behind school kids are following the virtual learning programs of the pandemic and why early and late public school-aged children are the most vulnerable groups. Gabby also discusses how she got involved in covering the story.

“Behind the story,” is KRQE News 13’s new online exclusive web series, giving viewers a detailed look into the work that goes into KRQE News 13’s investigative reports. For more segments on prior stories, visit the KRQE News 13 Investigates page by clicking this link.