The City of Albuquerque has maintained a Vacant Building Registry for residential properties since 2013. Vacant homes are scattered across the city of Albuquerque. Many of them have become a magnet for crime that neighbors say is spilling onto their streets, creating a danger to nearby kids and families. Electronic records for the Vacant Building Registry have only been kept since 2015, so the city couldn’t tell KRQE which homes in Albuquerque have been vacant the longest.

This Google Map, with data provided by the City of Albuquerque shows, 2015, 2016, and a partial list of 2017 vacant buildings.

  • Click the ‘layers’ icon next to the map title to turn on/off
  • Each year is represented by a different plot point color
  • House icon represent those houses the City of Albuquerque is currently considering for demolition