How to stay on track with your fitness resolutions


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Many are two weeks into their New Year’s resolutions and going strong. But for some, who are trying to shed a few pounds, it could be the breaking point.  Here’s what you can do to stay on track.

Here’s what you can do to stay on track.

If you’re like Buck Hurd, getting back into shape is one of your New Year resolutions. For many, taking that first step might be the hardest part.

“Step one would be getting into a gym,” said Sibonet Quinones, Simms Fitness manager.

But, what do you do from that point? If you’re just getting back into it, experts suggest starting out slow by hopping on the treadmill, an elliptical, or even a bike. Start with a 15-minute routine and as each week passes, add more time to get to 30 minutes.

While most start out ready to take their resolution head on by going five days a week, experts say maybe you shouldn’t.

“If you’re just starting out, typical suggestion is three days a week,” said Quinones.

It’s hard to commit to a big change. Plus, you don’t want to burn out before month two.

Now that you’re on the right track and turning the corner on your new lifestyle, experts say try adding some muscle building techniques.

“If you can, work up to a point where you are doing push-ups and squats,” said Zach Gold, owner of Simms Fitness.

After a few weeks, step up your routine to the next level.

“As you get into intermediate, you can start adding weight to those ranges of movement,” said Gold.

A trainer can help you determine how heavy and how many reps to do.

Lifting will help to tone up your trouble spots and will continue burning fat after your workout is over.

Maybe you are at the point where you’re getting bored or just not seeing those pounds drop anymore. That’s when trainers say you need to dig deep keep moving and mix it up.

“Don’t do the same things every day. You will just plateau and won’t go anywhere. Switch it up a little and you’ll advance,” said Quinones.

Many gyms across the metro offer different classes like interval or circuit training.

If all else fails and you need that extra motivation, invite a friend or consider investing in a trainer. Trainers at Simms Fitness in downtown Albuquerque say developing a plan with a trainer could help you stick with it.

“No matter what, you’re going to have to set some sort of goals for yourself. If you want to tone up, if you want to lose weight, if you want to gain weight, whatever it is, you’re going to have to come in and set those goals,” said Gold.

Lastly, no matter what, it’s never too late to start.

Hurd, 60, says he plans on going to the gym at least three to four times a week. His goals are to tighten up his stomach and add some definition to his arms.

“I’m already sore and I’ve been here for 20 minutes,” said Hurd.

If you’re nervous to take that first step and sign up for a membership, many gyms throughout Albuquerque just like Simms Fitness offer free passes to try out their gym for a few days. This is also a good way to find a gym that suits your needs.

Trainers say the amount of calories you burn really depends on how much work you put in and how much you weigh.

For some workouts that will burn the most calories, click here.

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