NEW YORK (AP) – HBO Now, the premium channel’s new online service for people who don’t pay for cable, will be available through Android devices this summer.

HBO Now has been available since April for people to get the service through their iPhones, iPads or an Apple TV, or who were customers of New York-area cable provider Cablevision. It costs $15 a month.

Traditional TV subscriptions are slowly starting to slip as more people watch online video. Access to popular HBO shows like “Game of Thrones” and sports channels are some of the major draws of cable and satellite TV packages with hundreds of channels. Such packages easily run you $70 and up after promotions run out.

But with HBO Now, the channel’s shows and movies are available for people who don’t pay for cable. As for sports, Dish Network’s Sling TV makes ESPN and about 20 other cable channels available over the Internet for $20 a month.

You would also need Internet access. Internet prices vary. Comcast, the country’s largest cable company, advertises high-speed Internet by itself at $70 to $75 a month after promotions expire.