One of Albuquerque’s oldest buildings could become the city’s newest hotspot. It’s being turned into a swanky social club, but there may be some unexpected ‘visitors’ at the new venue.

“Over time the number of people who spent time there, both patrons and the waitstaff, they began to experience the paranormal,” said Octavio Ramos, a historian and paranormal writer for the blog Haunted New Mexico.

This Old Town building near Rio Grande and Mountain Road was built in the 1700s and was originally called the Salvador Armijo House. The hacienda turned into a restaurant in the 1800s.

The building was home to many different businesses over the years, but most people in New Mexico will likely remember it as Maria Teresa’s restaurant, which closed down in 2004.

“[There is] all kinds of history behind that building,” said Ramos.

The building has had famous, living guests.

“Billy the Kid and his gang had dinner there,” said Ramos.

As written about in several books, the building has also been known to have supernatural guests who make surprise appearances.

“One is a Hispanic male, dressed in all black. He only appears in mirrors,” said Ramos.

Ramos says there are three main ghosts known to haunt the old hacienda. He says there is also a Hispanic female in a white wedding dress who has been known to appear, and there is also the ghost of a cowboy, who the staff has reported seeing.

Ramos says what the building is more infamous for, is its haunted happenings. 

“Every morning the piano would play itself. And every night, the waitstaff puts out the silverware for the following morning. What’s interesting is in the morning they would either find all of the placings of silverware in the middle or they’d find the silverware had been formed in crosses,” said Ramos.

Ramos says a waiter ended up quitting Maria Teresa’s after he made fun of a painting of a homely woman, and it appeared she was listening.

“From that point on every time he would walk by the painting, he would trip,” said Ramos.

The building is now owned by Hotel Albuquerque. The general manager of the hotel says there have been no reports of paranormal activity since they bought the property in 2007.

They first used the historic house as a nightclub called Casa Esencia. Now, the hotel is renovating it into a members-only social club.

“We are very excited to relaunch,” said Adrian Montoya, general manager.

Montoya says they’re keeping a lot of details about the new club under wraps for now, but did say they’ll be reopening the club in April.

While the ghosts may have been quiet for some time, Ramos says construction could change that.

“Ghosts do not like change,” said Ramos.