From the smell of freshly made popcorn to the intimate one screen theatre, the Guild Cinema along Central has been a part of Nob Hill for decades.

Since 1966, films you likely won’t find at your average theatre have been playing here. 

“Foreign films, documentaries, classic films… indie stuff,” said co-owner Don Sherry. 

But as the days of film have changed and technology has evolved, the theatre needs to upgrade its equipment to play movies. 

“The equipment we need is referred to as DCP, digital cinema package; and it involves servers, hard drives computers,” said owner Keif Henley.  

He said the DCP equipment costs about $60,000. 

“Because we don’t have this equipment, we get blocked out of really great and popular movies that you probably want to see at our cinema,” Henley said.  

So, with the help of a friend, they created a video to start fundraising. 

“We don’t have the deep pockets that the corporate chain theatres have for such an expense,” said Sherry. 

“We’re doing fine right now, but we do need to make this equipment conversion,” said Henley.  

To keep the business going, he said getting the equipment is paramount. 

“Not only to just stay competitive but to show great movies,” he said.  

The two owners say it’s their mission to bring films to the community that they want to see. 

“The greater purpose here is to engage Albuquerque in a greater way as far as the kind of films that we show here,” said Sherry. 

If you’d like to donate, you can visit the Guild’s Go Fund Me, here, or their website here.