ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The New Mexico Hispano Round Table and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) claim the firing of UNM Women’s Basketball Coach Yvonne Sanchez was race driven.

Now they have made a list of demands they want the university to respond to. Some of those demands include the firing of UNM Men’s Head Basketball Coach Craig Neal and Athletic Director Paul Krebs.

Executive Director of LULAC, Ralph Arellanes, said if those things don’t happen, they’ll call for a boycott of all UNM athletics and even a class action lawsuit against the university.

“We have 450 student athletes here at UNM and we certainly hate to hurt them,” Arellanes said. “But the university has to quit bullying the Hispanic community. If they want the Hispanics to support these facilities, programs and games then they better be willing to support Hispanics.”

Arellanes said Hispanics are underrepresented across the board at UNM and have been for a long time. They say if Sanchez is going, then so should Neal.

The university didn’t respond to the allegations Thursday, but the day of Sanchez’s firing Krebs said the decision was all about performance.

Sanchez also responded to the allegations about race. She said she didn’t believe race played a factor but that she was blindsided by the university’s decision to let her go.

LULAC believes she “backtracked” only to protect her future job prospects.

Arellanes said they have not spoken to Sanchez about the issue.