ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The City of Albuquerque on Friday recognized four citizens who stepped up as Good Samaritans, saving two stray dogs and their puppies.

Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Fabian Lozoya, Rhonda Hernandez, Andrea Quintana, and Isaiah Williams as this week’s Good Samaritans for their determination to save two stray adult dogs and their puppies.

Last month, Rhonda Hernandez made a call to the city’s Animal Welfare Division that she had found some dogs inside an open field drain and that they needed to be rescued. Andrea Quintana and 10-year-old Fabian Lozoya, and 12-year-old Isaiah Williams were also on scene when Animal Welfare arrived.

According to the city, a black, Labrador-mix male dog and a red, Chow Chow-mix female dog had created a den for their litter of six puppies.

The grown dogs were known to Quintana and Hernandez in the area. They had cared for them and were trying to track them down at a lot near Central and 98th Street.

“It’s hot. It took us about two hours to save them,” Quintana said.

Rhonda noted, “Along came two young boys on their way to McDonald’s out in the middle of nowhere and I asked if they’d like to help us.”

Isaiah Williams said, “I couldn’t say no because I love animals myself and I hate to see animals struggling like that.”

“For 45 minutes, we dug out a hole and crawled in a pit and pulled out six little puppies,” said Quintana.

Hernandez managed to get the two adult dogs to come out, but the two-week old puppies still needed to be rescued. Andrea Quintana recovered the six puppies, while the young boys helped with a shovel to make the hole large enough for her to enter the den and lift the puppies up to safety.

“The four citizens showed extraordinary teamwork to help Corporal Thomas Romero and Officer Raymond Candelaria rescue the stray dogs and their puppies,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry.