ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman was stranded on the side of the interstate with a blown-out tire. During the four-hour ordeal, only one person stopped to help.

Krystal McDonald was brought to tears by the man’s generosity.

They met a man with a heart Wednesday when they were suddenly stranded in their SUV on the side of I-25 near Bernalillo.

“It was a very scary feeling,” said McDonald. “And my tire shred on the freeway. I got stuck,” she said.

Krystal, her daughter Faith, Krystal’s friend and her son sat in their SUV and waited.

“I called for help, and help wasn’t coming for, I don’t know, maybe four hours at least,” said McDonald.

“I had three state police pass me and nobody stopped. This one guy stopped, and he didn’t just help me. He was my lifesaver,” she said.

The one random driver stopped and sent out Christian’s Automotive.

“We just had a customer call and say there was a female stranded on the side of the road with a couple of kids with her,” said Brian Walden with Christian’s Automotive in Albuquerque.

Krystal’s spare was flat. All of her tires were in bad shape. At the shop, she learned that man’s good deed got even better.

“He said if you’re not offended, I would like to pay for all four brand new tires on your truck,” said McDonald.

While they waited, he even paid for their lunch.

“It’s amazing. He’s a really good person. Not the first time he’s done something like this. He’s actually sent us customers in the past in the same scenarios and situations and paid to fix their cars,” Walden said.

“I’m just so amazed. And I couldn’t be more blessed, and I just want to tell him thank you so much because not everybody does this for everyone and it happened to me,” said McDonald.

She said she would not have been able to afford all four tires. She’s humbled by the Good Samaritan who dropped hundreds of dollars helping complete strangers.

KRQE News does know the man’s identity. He’s a businessman in Albuquerque. We reached out to him this afternoon, but perhaps, he may want to remain anonymous.