Golden Apple: Brittany Behenna-Griffith inspiring others with her creativity

When Brittany Behenna-Griffith’s newborn died, she didn’t think she could go on as a teacher. But she did with the help of her students, and now’s being recognized as one of the best in the state. 

“Everyday is different, especially in preschool,” Behenna-Griffith said. 

Golden Apple winner Brittany Behenna-Griffith’s plans to become a pharmacist changed when she started volunteering at a local elementary school reading to kindergarteners. 

She says her job as a pre-k teacher at Santa Fe’s NYE Early Childhood Center is beyond rewarding. 

“A lot of my students have disabilities. They might be nonverbal when they come in my room, so I get to be a part of those first words and celebrate with those families, and I’m a proud mom…like, ‘He said this,'” Behenna-Griffith said. 

There was a time Behenna-Griffith thought she should walk away from teaching. 

“There was a time I didn’t think I could continue teaching. My newborn son passed away and I had to return to the classroom. And I kept telling my husband, I don’t think I can be around these really young families and children and worry about if I’m ever going to do this myself. And the community I work with, my colleagues, the parents and the students really saved me and why I continue to teach,” she said. 

Colleagues say Behenna-Griffith inspires other teachers with her creativity and sticks to strong standards, making her one of the best. 

 “I love at that age they really love me, and I really love them,” she said. 

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