ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a blast from the past for some old students Tuesday. During construction at the old Montgomery Elementary site, Albuquerque Public Schools dug up a time capsule they didn’t even know was there.

The students buried a time capsule in 1968 filled with letters they wrote. They got a chance to read what their 10 year old selves said.

“It’s a little bit eerie seeing something you haven’t seen in 50 years,” said Brad Clement, a former student.

He was only in 4th grade when he wrote the letter–a letter he doesn’t even remember writing.

“My favorite TV shows are ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘The Monkeys.’ Oh that figures,” he said.

The time capsule contained letters from Montgomery Elementary’s 1968 fourth grade class, a school that would be turned into APS offices in the early 80’s.

The students there said they buried a number of time capsules. When they heard APS would be tearing the old school down, they alerted the district to keep an eye out for the bottles. They weren’t sure which one demolition crews found, but on Tuesday they found out. The former students that showed up are just happy to re-live their younger years even if they didn’t find their own letters.

“I was able to read one of my girlfriend’s from a long time ago who lived down the street from me,” said Bolton Linke, another former student.

Some of these letters even showed off a fourth grader’s sense of humor, and that laughter is a reminder that some things never change.

“It just brought back to me that kids are kids, whether it was 60 years ago, 50 years ago, or today,” said Rober Lazar.

For anyone who wants to read these letters, APS will be scanning all of them and will post them to their website.

Montgomery Elementary became the Montgomery Complex back in 1982. Crews are tearing it down so the district can build a new teacher training center.