Former deputy stops knife wielding man during photo shoot

A former Bernallilo County deputy may be off-duty, but he isn’t done serving and protecting.

While out in the Bosque working with his wife, he was able to stop a violent fight and save a life. For 15 years, Kyle Hartsock worked as a Bernallilo County Sheriff’s Deputy. 

“As a patrol deputy, DWI deputy,and a detective mostly in crimes against children,” Hartsock said. 

Now he’s targeting crime from the District Attorney’s office, as chief investigator; but through the years he and his family developed a passion for photography. That passion turned into a business.

“We do family photography, me and my wife, and the Bosque is a really popular place to do it,” Hartsock said. 

Then, last week, Hartsock said his worlds collided. On the way to a photo shoot near Corrales, he and his wife witnessed a fight. 

“As we parked my wife was the first to notice that there was a fight between at least one person and someone inside of a car,” Hartsock said. 

Hartsock said his law enforcement training kicked in and he jumped in to help.

“I got out of the car and announced myself as a police officer and told them to stop what they were doing,” Hartsock said. 

He said the fight escalated when one man got out the car with a knife. They noticed a second man on the ground with a stab wound to his stomach.

“I drew my weapon at this point at the guy with the knife and told him to surrender to lay down,” Hartsock said. 

Hartsock said it was the first time in 15 years he had to pull his weapon off duty.

“You always prepare for this. It’s the training they give you, you should always be expecting something like this to happen so that way you are better prepared when it does,” Hartsock said.

The man Hartsock restrained was arrested by Corrales Police. The man who was stabbed was transported to the hospital.

No word what the men were fighting about, but Hartsock said they did appear to be intoxicated.

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