A week out from their performance, a local dance company was left scrambling to try and find a new venue after a fire started at the National Hispanic Cultural Center that then caused major flooding.

Rich in culture and rooted in tradition, the art of flamenco has been around for hundreds of years. Dancers of the National Institute of Flamenco in Albuquerque, embody that every time they take the stage.

Just a week out before a major performance, the dance company received bad news.

“We were like, just threw our hands up and said, ‘Well, of course,'” Eva Encinias said.

Due to the small fire that then caused major flooding inside the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the dance company was forced to find a new venue. The fire happened over the weekend.

“They have always had their doors open to us and have always been supportive of our organization,” Encinias said. “We’re here for them and hope to help any way we can.”

Encinias, the institute’s executive director, said this current production has been two years in the making.

“We have two guest artists here from Madrid and the orchestra New Spain from Dallas,” she said.

She said she knew it would be difficult to find a theatre the company could occupy for two nights on such short notice. Not to mention a change in lighting, sound, space, and guests who had already bought tickets to the show.

“A lot of people had to be on board,” Encinias said. “Are we going to do this? Are we not going to do this. Do we need to cancel?”

Then, the University of New Mexico offered up its Black Box theatre at Carlisle Gym. The only problem is the theatre only sits a little more than 200, compared to the 700 at the cultural center.

“We’ve created a lot of magic here in the last few days,” Encinias said.

Its magic dancers hope will come through on opening night.

“All of the artists felt like, ‘Let’s just do this. Let’s finish it out, work together and make it happen,'” Encinias said. “So I feel really great about that.”

The Hispanic Cultural Center is re-funding everyone’s money who bought a ticket to the performance. You can purchase a new ticket here.

This isn’t the first time the Flamenco Institute was put in this position. Back in 2013, the dance company’s downtown studio was destroyed by a fire.

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