Family looking for answers in Albuquerque woman’s death

An Albuquerque woman’s mysterious death has her family looking for answers as to what happened.

The family was then dealt with another blow after coming home from a memorial service for her.

“She would get money for Christmas or her birthdays and she would always spend it on me,” says Deborah Conrad.

Conrad says her daughter, Erica Nilsen, was a selfless kid growing up.

“She didn’t want to kill bugs because they deserved to live. She would get cups or paper plates, or whatever, and gather them up to put them outside,” says Conrad.

Two weeks ago, Erica’s life was cut short.

“I was hysterical. I was angry. I felt bad because maybe I didn’t do enough to save her,” says Conrad.

Albuquerque police say she died in her home near Osuna and Edith on Saturday, April 6. They aren’t saying much about how she died, but the family suspects it wasn’t an accident.

“Oh baby, would you have let me help? Why didn’t you let me help you?” says Conrad.

A week after her death, Conrad held a memorial for her daughter. What was supposed to be a celebration of her life, however, turned into more heartache.

“My daughter’s purse, my daughter’s phone, pictures. They’re all gone,” she says.

Conrad says during the memorial, numerous items went missing from Erica’s house.

“My father gave her his class ring before he died. She was going to give it to her daughter. That’s not there,” she says.

Conrad has no choice but to move on without her daughter, but she says her main focus now is her three grandkids.

“I feel for my grandkids because now they have nothing from their mom, except just memories,” she says.

Erica had two kids with her ex-husband and shared a 2-year old daughter with her boyfriend. All three children are now staying with family.

The family and Albuquerque police are waiting on OMI to determine Erica’s cause of death.

Police have not released much about what may have led to her death.

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