ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A young girl who is going deaf is turning to a friendly pup for inspiration.

Three-month-old Bolt is the newest addition to the Moya family. Like other dogs, he’s curious, cuddly and energetic, but he’s also very unique. The lab-mix is deaf.

“He needed more love, which fits in our family,” said Andrea Moya.

The Moya family is also unique. Andrea and her husband have three kids, two of them are adopted including 10-year-old Illiana.

Illiana and Bolt share a special bond. The fifth grader is losing her hearing.

“I just kind of thought of me and how my hearing is going down and then I thought of him and how I used to think when I was in foster care that nobody was going to want me because my hearing was lost,” said Illiana.

Illiana was in foster care for nearly three years before the Moya’s adopted her and her brother last March.

They say Bolt completes their unconventional family.

“It’s definitely an interesting and wonderful journey that it’s been,” said Andrea Moya. “First with the kids and now with the dog and he fits right in.”

The Moya’s are using sign language with the dog to teach him tricks.

They hope practicing with the dog will help prepare Illiana to use sign language if she loses her hearing permanently.