ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It could happen to any of us. A man enjoying a meal thought he was handing his credit card over to a waitress until she vanished with his card. Minutes later, the impostor was already out shopping with it.

The man was a sitting target at the Blue Corn Cafe and Brewery in Santa Fe.

Richard Perea said, “I think it’s terrible. I work in the restaurant business.”

Capt. Andrew Padilla with the Santa Fe Police Department said, “This woman walked up. He thought it appeared she was working at the Blue Corn Cafe. She acquired the ticket, the bill, the credit card and disappeared.”

Surveillance video shows her at a Target around the corner. Police say she racked up a purchase of more than $200 with the stolen credit card. She ran to a silver BMW, 7-Series sedan in the parking lot.

“Then she went to a couple of other locations, but by the time she made it to these other locations, the credit card had been canceled,” said Padilla.

Blue Corn was also a victim.

“They were totally caught off-guard. This sounds like an isolated incident,” said Padilla.

KRQE News 13 interviewed Kathleen Magee who said she was having lunch at a Santa Fe restaurant over the Christmas holidays when a con stole a $50 bill in a similar scheme.

“I went to the cashier, and I said, ‘I never got my change.’  And they said, ‘What change?’ So someone had just picked up the check and the bill and walked out with it,” said Magee.

“It kinda puts a bad taste in the customer’s mouth. It’s hard to trust people nowadays,” said Perea.

If anyone recognizes the suspect, you are urged to call Santa Fe Police at 505-428-3710.