LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – As the Calf Canyon-Hermits Peaks fire continues, things are starting to change for those who have been affected by the fire. Shelters are closing some services in Las Vegas and Glorieta, and it’s drawing some outcry from the community.  

The overnight shelters at the old Memorial Middle School gym in Las Vegas and the Glorieta camp will be closing their doors after being a place for evacuees to find refuge for weeks, but that doesn’t mean all services will be cut for those who need them.

“We’ve extended the Red Cross to provide services for a couple more days from today, until a more permanent contract is signed for…for lodging for those people who were evacuated,” said Las Vegas Mayor Louie Trujillo.

The emergency management team, the county, and other leaders are working to provide a more permanent place for evacuees to stay.

Las Vegas school announced earlier the shelter would be closing its doors later this week.

Officials say because the number of people staying there is dwindling, evacuees will be given hotel vouchers until the permanent shelters are set up.

Some members of the community are concerned resources are being pulled too soon but city leadership disagrees.

“We would never kick anybody out on the street. There’s [sic] plenty of services in town. There’s [sic] multiple soup kitchens that prepare hot meals for people. So there’s plenty of access to food and services and water, commodities, money,” said Mayor Trujillo.

As for other necessities like hot meals, soup kitchens like Comedor de San Pasqual are still open. The Las Vegas mayor says details on the permanent shelters like where they will be or when they will open, are still being ironed out.

FEMA and the Red Cross will remain at the middle school for the time being helping those who need it. Goods distributions will also remain there.

As for the Glorieta camp, it was announced a while ago that it would be closing due to the contract ending and the camp beginning to open for its normal operations during the summer.