ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. –Charlie Five demonstrates the healing power of gentle giants for Veterans with PTSD and children with developmental disabilities by training the horses to help.

Charlie Five was founded by Jeremy Svejcar and his wife Rose. After nearly a decade of service and multiple tours to the middle east, Jeremy got out and struggled to cope with life outside the military.

After experiencing a personal journey of recovery by way of equine therapy, Jeremy and his wife took their own money and established Charlie Five Incorporated. Jeremy uses the skills he has to train and provide horses to programs that help Veterans as well as others overcome personal obstacles. The non-profit hopes to get to a point where Wild Mustangs will be the primary animals used. This is largely due to their overall versatility, low cost of adoption and the number of them in holding facilities.

Charlie Five raises money in various ways to provide quality feed and care for their animals. To celebrate their 1-year-anniversary and honor our country’s veterans, they are holding a Charity Cowboy Gala at Bow and Arrow Brewing Company. There will be a raffle, silent auction and performances by Val Geissler, Genevieve Allen and AJ Johnston. Dinner will be provided by Ruth’s Chris and Rudy’s BBQ.

For more information on Charlie Five visit their website.