ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Rio Grande is flowing powerfully through Albuquerque these days. In fact, the river hasn’t been this full since 2019, thanks to recent snowmelt run-off from the mountains in Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Officials said the water is only going to get higher over the next two months.

“There’s a lot of snow still up there so even though this is great, and it’s way higher than what we saw last year. We still have a lot more to come,” Bureau of Reclamation Water Operations Supervisor Carolyn Donnelly said.

She said we could get at least another third of what’s already here before the spring run-off is over. A very different story than what we saw last summer when the Rio Grande dried up.

Donnelly said with what we’re seeing now, that’s unlikely this year. “It should be pretty good. We don’t expect to see the river drying here in the Albuquerque area like we did last year, so this natural flow, the run-off should get us through July we hope.”

A full Rio Grande makes for some happy animals and people. “It’s much better for the farmers, much better for the fish, and I’m sure it makes all the people that love the river happy too,” Donnelly said.

While she believes a flowing Rio Grande will make for better irrigation for farmers and local crops, it’s too early to tell if this will be their saving grace this season due to one of the state’s dams being closed off for construction.

“It could be difficult for the farmers in August, September because we don’t have the storage in El Vado like we would normally have, but it should be better than last year.”

Donnelly said the slower the snow melts, the better for New Mexico farmers. For now, they are crossing their fingers. “We’re getting the good year now. What we hope is that we don’t get three, four bad years in a row again.”

Donnelly explained some river overflow is possible in the coming weeks with the potential of water-covered bike paths along the Bosque.