NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) Forestry Division has announced a two-part investment in forestry programs throughout the state, just in time for Earth Day. $1,875,000 in federal funding has been put toward the Inflation Reduction Act, which helps improve the health of urban forest plantings as well as urban tree canopy access in New Mexico.

Earth Day is the ideal time to announce these investments in building sustainable
communities. Trees in urban areas benefit a community in ways both seen and unseen. They provide shade and cooling, filtration for air and water, as well as necessary help with alleviating storm runoff. But they also provide clean, visually pleasing spaces for recreation and community gatherings; they can even help reduce the effects of crime.”

Alyssa O’Brien, Urban & Community Forester

According to the EMNRD, the funds will be spread among localized, competitive grants that have the largest potential impact on natural spaces, with a priority on watersheds and underserved communities.

“As a warmer, drier climate continues to impact our state, it’s important that we continue building up access to green spaces in our cities and urban areas. It’s not just about planting new trees but also about maintaining the ones we already have,” said State Forester Laura McCarthy.