LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KRQE) – What is a farmer without access to land? A new website launched by the New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service aims to make sure those looking for land can connect with local landowners.

The site is called New Mexico LandLink. Sort of like a social media site, New Mexico LandLink lets people find each other and connect with the goal of putting good land to use.

On the site, you can list land for lease or sale. And if you’re looking for land, you can search available listings.

“This will result in a more resilient agricultural industry, where farmers and ranchers have affordable options to secure land and where landowners are better able to preserve their agricultural lands,” the website says.

Part of the idea behind the website is to help keep local farming alive as more and more land is developed into non-agricultural uses.

“If recent trends continue by the year 2040, over 204,000 acres of farmland will be lost to development, which is more than six times the size of Santa Fe,” New Mexico LandLink Program Coordinator Weston Medlock said in a press release. “The ultimate goal is to mitigate this loss of land and create a central, one-stop shop hub for beginning farmers and ranchers and transiting farmers and ranchers to access land.”