NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – With this summer being one of the hottest ones in recent New Mexico history, the risk of wildfires throughout the state is high. The New Mexico Forestry Division has provided wildfire prevention tips and safety measures to take through the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department’s “Wildfire Preparedness is Year-Round” campaign.

The division urges community members to be mindful, even after a fire has burned. Its August message is “Risk and Danger in the Post-Fire Environment.” The Forestry Division says, “Wildfire risk isn’t just about the fire itself – risk and danger remain even after the fire has passed.”

After Wildfire, A Guide for New Mexico Communities offers comprehensive information to keep community members safe following a fire. To view the full guide, click here.

Post-Fire Safety Tips

  • Stay away from arroyos and channels. Flooding or debris flows can be sudden, and ditches can be deadly.
  • Keep a battery-powered radio to listen to weather and flash flooding alerts if you lose power.
  • Have an evacuation plan in place and make sure all family members practice it.
  • Do not drink or use faucet water after flooding until officials say it is safe to do so.
  • Use caution around trees and power poles, and never touch power lines.
  • Contact utility and gas companies prior to turning on any utilities that are off or not functioning.
  • Document damage and contact your insurance company prior to beginning clean-up efforts.