NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The Carson National Forest updated its occupancy and use Forest Order on Wednesday. Now, camping for more than 14 days, whether it is consecutive or not, within a 45-day period is banned. They said it is to make sure there are recreational opportunities for a large number of visitors in the forest.

Other prohibitions in the order that remain the same include:

  • Possessing a beverage which is defined as an alcoholic beverage by state law.
    • Note: Persons 21 years of age or older and not otherwise under any legal restriction regarding the possession of alcoholic beverages are exempt.
  • Parking or leaving a vehicle in violation of posted instructions.
  • Being publicly nude

The U.S. Forest Service said it is also renewing Forest Orders that cover prohibitions for motor vehicles and fire, explosives, and sparks on June 1.