ALAMOGORODO, N.M.(KRQE) – Workers at a New Mexico courthouse say there’s something spooky going on.

Some of them think the building is haunted, and they’ve even tried to catch it on video.

It seemed like just another day at the Otero County Courthouse then all of a sudden, a donation jar hits the ground, with no one around who could have touched it.

If surveillance video didn’t capture it, people might not believe it. Employees say things like this happen all the time.

There is some unexplained activity that has taken place in this courthouse,” said Cpl. Theo Livingston, with the Otero County Sheriff’s Office.

Another video shows a bowl on the x-ray machine that then falls to the ground.

You can ask almost any employee here at the courthouse and they will tell you they have had some kind of run in with what they think is supernatural activity.

“We would prop the doors open and all the sudden the doors will shut right behind you, slam shut or you walk through the courtroom and you get a cold chill that runs right through you,” said Kenneth Shaffer, who works maintenance at the courthouse.

“To me I think it’s fascinating,” said Teresa Gonzales, another courthouse employee. Gonzalez was working in the courthouse one day and stopped to use the restroom.

She has no doubt what she experienced was a run in with the courthouse ghost.

“Something pulled my hair back, and obviously there is nothing here to get your hair stuck on so automatically I said stop pulling my hair,” said Gonzalez.

Employees have their theories about who the ghost might be, but no one knows for sure.

“They say in the late 60,s early 70’s a guy hung himself so we think it’s him,” said Shaffer.

Some people have shared their courthouse stories online.

Some say they’ve actually seen the ghost and he is a young man wearing a suit from the early 1900’s.