ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – University of New Mexico students could see a bump in tuition this fall. UNM officials said in a finance committee meeting a couple of days ago they aren’t sure if their enrollment numbers will stall or decrease, so this tuition increase could help recover the costs.

“Tuition recommendation, the way it generates, is $2.3 million dollars,” said Norma Allen, the Director of Planning, Budget, and Analysis. “It encompasses a 2.2% increase in resident undergrad and graduate.”

So with that tuition increase for a full-time student going to UNM’s main campus, that’s about a $74 bump per semester for in-state students. But additional increases in some fees could make that number total to about $134 dollars per semester. University officials said with the uncertainty of what enrollment numbers will look like next year, they’re just planning ahead. But students who spoke out in a finance committee meeting are against this proposal.

“At other institutions in New Mexico, like New Mexico State University and New Mexico Tech, the Board of Regents voted to not increase tuition at all this year,” said Associated Students of UNM President, Mia Amin. “Given that the students are still recovering from the impacts of the ongoing pandemic I think it is incredibly tone-deaf of us to even consider a tuition increase at this time.”

University officials believe that tuition increase will bring in about $2.3 million dollars which would help pay for things like compensation increases and help with financial aid for some students. Regents are expected to discuss this in the upcoming week, but could make their final decision in May. This tuition increase proposal is only for the main campus.