ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The University of New Mexico has released updated plans for the remaining fall semester and the upcoming spring 2021 semester. In-person instruction will end on Nov 25, the day before Thanksgiving, and starting on Nov. 30, UNM will be in a remote instruction and exam period through Dec. 12.

The university says after Thanksgiving, the majority of faculty, staff, and students will be remotely working and most of the offices and buildings will be physically locked. UNM will largely be closed over winter break which is from Dec. 23 to January 2 with several hundred students in the dorms.

The UNM COVID Call Center will continue operations and the Student Health and Counseling Center will continue normal holiday phone access to a medical provider or counselor as well as on-call capacity for COVID-testing. UNM states the COVID Rapid Response Team will be operational.

Students living in the dorms for the spring semester will move in on January 11 and the first week of spring classes will take place remotely from January 18 through January 22. The university says this will allow students to return to UNM from out-of-state to return a week before the start of classes and to continue to quarantine through January 22.

After the initial week of the spring semester, UNM will start a hybrid term similar to the fall semester. UNM has posted the breakdown of the fall and 2021 spring semester online. UNM has also published a student reminder for fall 2020 credit and no credit grade options.

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