NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A California college film crew is in New Mexico shooting a documentary about the famed Forrest Fenn treasure hunt. The crew is learning that the story is even stranger than they ever imagined. “Every single time we interview someone, it’s either a new theory,” said Mackenzie Hilton, a producer.

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The crew from UC Santa Barbara is delving into the life of the mysterious Santa Fe author who launched a decades-long search for his supposed hidden treasure in the Rocky Mountains. In New Mexico, they have been interviewing everyone they can find with a connection to Fenn or an opinion about him. Some of their interviews include treasure hunters, Fenn’s friends and even his barber.

They also talked to search and rescue officials and former New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas who pleaded with Fenn to call off the search after treasure hunters died while looking for it. Writer and director Sonya Sherman says growing up in Colorado she was fascinated by Fenn. However, she had no idea what the journey would unlock. After they finish the film for class, the crew hopes to expand it to a full-scale documentary.