SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – State education leaders say teachers and administrators in school districts across New Mexico should expect far less paperwork ahead in the realm of data collection, reporting and more. It comes months after the governor signed an executive order, directed at eliminating so-called “administrative burdens” within the state’s education department.

According to a news release from PED, the state expects that recent overhauls of reporting requirements will lessen the amount of paperwork teachers have to do by 41%. The state also estimates it trimmed 34% of the “administrative work” required in school district and charter schools.

In an example provided by state officials, work surrounding so-called “Student Assistance Teams” have been streamlined. Those are teams that provide individualized support for students.

The changes should be immediate, according to the state. School administrators are expected to see more streamlined financial reporting, a consolidation of federal grant application requirements, and a reduction of the amount of data collected (per legislative mandate) four times a year through STARS, the department’s data-collection system.

The Public Education Department also published a full report on the cuts Monday. To read the full report, click here to view it on