CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – School districts across the state are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. One high school in southeastern New Mexico had to close Friday because they didn’t have enough teachers able to come to work. The Clovis Municipal School District had to close Clovis High due to a staffing shortage.

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“So, staffing shortages today caused the closure of Clovis High School for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related issues. So in order to keep students safe and a proper educational environment, we felt it was best to close the school for the day,” said Loran Hill, the operational director of the Clovis Municipal School District.

Clovis High was missing 20 teachers leading to a one-day closure and causing the school to go remote for the day. Right now, 62% of the staff members in the Clovis school district are fully vaccinated and 9% of students are vaccinated. Though it was a one-day event, the district is worried that more closures are on the way.

“We had a meeting last week with local community leaders and one of the administrators from the hospital their concern is we are shutting down schools which take away from their staff at the hospital. So, it’s really all-encompassing the whenever one area shuts down it also shuts down your community,” Hill said.

The district is asking for help to make sure schools don’t have to shut down anymore. This domino effect has the district reaching out the community as they prepare for the next step, asking for those who can come and volunteer as substitute teachers.

“Retired teachers volunteer within the schools even if you don’t think you have the expertise if you’re willing to volunteer, we would love to work with you and talk through the requirements are to be a substitute teacher in our district,” says Hill.

The district will be holding a meeting next week to take questions and begin the process of allowing those who want to help to do so.