ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Parents of students at Saint Pius X High School recently got a letter from the archbishop saying they may have to sell the school and move to a different location.

The letter states the school will do everything in their power to keep the school at Coors and St. Josephs Drive but may have to sell it to liquidate their assets after filing for bankruptcy. “Given the unfortunate circumstances with the church overall, that’s an incredible asset. If they are forced to do away with the campus there, it’ll be because the property value is high,” said St. Pius alum and University of New Mexico Political Science Professor Gabe Sanchez.

This comes after the Archdiocese of Santa Fe was forced to file for bankruptcy because of the high number of child molestation lawsuits. Now, according to the letter sent out to parents, they may have to sell the property to liquidate their assets.

Sanchez says he was saddened by the news of a potential move. “All of us that are Catholic-raised are always told, the physical building where a church is housed is not the church. It’s the people, the culture, the values, and all of that. No matter where St. Pius ends up, we expect those values will continue to be a part of that education moving forward,” Sanchez said.

In the letter, the archbishop says they hope to continue class at the current campus until at least May 2022. Right now, no final decisions have been made. This wouldn’t be the first time the school has moved locations. In 1988, St. Pius moved from its location on Louisiana to its current west side spot.