ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Roswell High School’s dance team has a long history of champions. Their latest run brought home their 14th win. For nearly 23 years now, Kim Castro has been at the helm of the Charlie’s Angels dance team in Roswell.

“I’m from Roswell. I actually went to school at Roswell High School, I graduated in 1984,” said Castro. Back then, Roswell didn’t have a dance team.

So she changed that. “It was kinda something my oldest daughter, she’s 37 years old now, but it was something she really really wanted, so I started the dance team,” said Castro.

Her daughter has long since graduated but something keeps Castro coming back year after year.

“It was just something that I wanted to bring to Roswell High and never did I anticipate that it would become as successful as it is,” said Castro.

With Castro leading the team, they’ve won more than a dozen titles. Their most recent win, just a few weeks ago, marked number 14.

“We’ve won 14 state titles and three national titles,” said Castro.

Through hard work and dedication. “Our kids are very dedicated when they come to our program. They know what is expected from them,” said Castro.

The years of success make for a strong foundation for new additions. “It’s a program that people want to be a part of and they’ll go the extra mile to contribute their part to the program,” said Castro.

She’s always setting goals for herself and the team. “I told the girls the first year, if we could even place in the top three it would be an incredible accomplishment,” said Castro. That year, they did. Placing third at State. From there, the sky was the limit.

“Okay now we know we can get first,” said Castro. “Once we got first, it was kinda a scary place to be because where do you go from there?”

But they’ve grown and adapted along with the sport to try to stay on top and her time as head coach is far from over. “I think I’ll know when I am ready to be done but I don’t feel it right now, which is pretty neat,” said Castro.

Castro says she only has one student graduating this year, so she is looking forward to getting the team back together this summer to get ready for another year.