ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Parents in New Mexico have been stretched thin since distance learning started at schools. They’re trying to work and help their kids learn. Some businesses in Roswell have stepped up for their employees to help during these hard times.

Parents across the state were all faced with the same difficult decision, stay home with their kids, and help with distant learning? Or go back to work? Some decided they had no other choice but to stay home and leave their jobs. 

“Whenever it was going to be the end of the day, they told me, so what would you do if we decided to do a [sic] daycare here? and I almost wanted to cry because, you know, it was going to be my last day,” said parent Laura Reyes.

That’s when Reyes says her bosses at the Roswell Community Federal Credit Union told her they were going to make the small building in the back of the property into a makeshift school; other businesses in town had the same idea.

“When the issue came down with having to help with our kids more, we wanted our staff to know they had our blessing to make their kids a priority. We were going to try, not only support them but even create an environment where they can even bring their kids to work with them” said Worley.

The Injury and Disability Law Firm said when they saw that distance learning may last for some time, they jumped in to help their employees. “But we knew, we could at least do something to help take the stress off of our staff,” said Jeremy Worley of the Injury and Disability Law Firm.

Worley, one of the owners of the law firm, said it has been difficult at times but with everyone’s help they had it all planned out. They even created backup plans and fail-safes. He said he hopes other businesses see this and does the same for their employees.

“We just wanted to be part of the solution; so they didn’t have to have this choice of, do I choose my kids? Or my work? It was a desire of ours to blend those,” said Worley.

The businesses in Roswell know this isn’t going to be permanent but they’ll keep the spaces open until students can get back into the classroom.

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