NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – More than half of New Mexico public school students are back in the classroom according to the New Mexico Public Education Department. Albuquerque Public Schools reports some campuses are in the 30% range and all the way up to 100% participation in at least one.

“As expected, New Mexico is now offering in-person instruction to every student who wants it in all but a handful of cases,” Public Education Secretary Ryan Stewart said in a news release. “New Mexico has 840 individual schools, and only 17 have had to return temporarily to remote instruction. I’d say that’s a good sign that our safety protocols are working as intended, and in-person learning can proceed with only minimal and temporary disruptions.”

According to the same news release, the following data is based on reported numbers to the PED, with 81% of all districts and charter schools reporting, for the week ending on April 16:

  • 160,500 out of 317,000 children (51%) were in classrooms last week, up from 149,000 (47%) a week earlier.
  • 34,400 out of 51,000 school staff (67%) were in buildings, down from 35,200 (69%) a week earlier.
  • About 73,800 students remained in remote learning by choice or due to a temporary setback at their school, down from 82,000 the week before.

Since the state’s official school reopening on April 5, the PED says statewide just one school has been forced to close temporarily because of COVID-19 cases. That’s Eldorado High School in Albuquerque. A handful of others has switched back to remote learning voluntarily because of positive tests or exposure concerns.

PED says the following districts and charter schools have remained in remote learning because tribal health orders prevented a large number of students from returning:

  • Dulce Independent Schools
  • Walatowa Charter High School (Jemez Pueblo)
  • San Diego Riverside Charter School (Jemez Pueblo)
  • Native American Community Academy (Albuquerque)
  • Dził Ditł’ooí School of Empowerment, Action and Perseverance (DEAP)  (Navajo Nation)
  • La Tierra Montessori (Ohkay Owingeh)

When it comes to vaccines in schools, the PED says all of New Mexico’s nearly 51,000 K-12 educators and school staff have been offered the vaccine. They say about 86% of all pre-K through college educators in the registry have now received at least one shot, and 72% are fully vaccinated with numbers increasing.

Week Ending 4/3Week Ending 4/10Week Ending 4/17
Educators in Registry65,00066,00066,100
Those with 1 shot54,65055,70056,800
Those with 2 shots40,00045,00047,700
Courtesy of NMPED

PED also says the following districts have chosen to return individual schools to remote learning temporarily:


  • Atec High, April 19-26
  • Park Avenue Elementary, April 14-19


  • Mesa Alta Junior High, April 14-25
  • Central Primary, April 14-25
  • Bloomfield High, April 15-29 
  • Charlie Y. Brown High, April 15-29 


  • Nizhoni Elementary, 10 days beginning April 9
  • Kirtland Elementary, 10 days beginning April 10
  • Kirtland Middle, April 14-27


  • Piedra Vista High, April 19-28


  • Mayfield High School, April 16-22


  • Logan Elementary, April 16-May 3
  • Logan Middle, April 16-May 3
  • Logan High, April 16-May 3


  • Socorro High, April 14-25
  • Cottonwood Valley Charter, April 16-30

PED says when it comes to surveillance testing, for the week ending on April 17, 4,842 on-site school staff members (25%) participated in surveillance testing, up from (22%) the week before. The positivity rate for staff surveillance testing fell to 0.06% from .14% the week before; The state’s threshold is 5%.

Lastly, PED says 33 schools have appeared on the state’s Rapid Response Watchlist.