A West Las Vegas School Board Member says New Mexico has a real opioid addiction problem, and he has an idea to try and curb it. He wants to drug test everyone from the superintendent and board members, to teachers and student athletes.

“My idea is really just to create a safer environment and a safer school,” said Ambrosio Castellano.

Castellano is a board member of the West Las Vegas School District.

“Anybody under the influence of a narcotic is not going to be able to react to a certain situation or an emergency situation for that matter,” he said.

He’s hoping to start a conversation and come up with a plan to tackle the opioid and drug problem in New Mexico.

He says he wants to get people help and not punish them. To do that, he wants to get people’s input on the idea of drug testing teachers, staff, and student athletes throughout the district.

“If we’re going to preach to our children, drug free, drug free, and really make that note, we have to take steps as a district as a whole, to implement policy and procedure,” said Castellano.

So far, Castellano’s idea is making people talk in Las Vegas.

“If you can get anyone to take a urine test, I think it’s smart,” said Andy Kingsbury.

“I want people to be 100 percent present when they’re doing their job and making a living,” said Meredith Britt.

At the same time, people say they can see why this would be an issue if implemented.

“Possibly an invasion of privacy or test could be misinterpreted and it might be a legitimate substance that they’re taking for their health,” said Britt.

Castellano encourages people to work together to help curb this drug problem.

“I truly believe it’s only going to benefit us in the long run, but like I said, discussions can bring out the pros and definitely bring out the cons,” said Castellano.

Castellano wants to reiterate nothing is being implemented right now. He says at this point, he’s hoping for feedback from teachers and administration.