NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The New Mexico Film Office is hosting its second “New Voices New Mexico” training program. The program is in partnership with Stowe Story Labs and aims to help emerging New Mexican screenwriters.

The program is open to ten screenwriters and filmmakers who are developing their first or second feature film or TV project. Participants will be selected through a competitive application process, which is based on their ability to write, their capacity to learn, and their collaboration and willingness to grow. Once selected, participants will only have to pay a $10 application fee and travel; there will be no program fees, and meals/lodging will be completely covered.

This year’s remote narrative lab will be from Jun. 23-25, the online writing program will be from Jul. 9 through Oct. 15, and a writers’ retreat will take place in Las Cruces to conclude the program from Nov. 4-7. The application deadline is Monday, May 8. Applicants must be current residents of New Mexico, or New Mexican students who are studying out-of-state. To apply, click here.

David Rocchio, Stowe Story Labs’ Founder and Director, is hosting the program, which will take place in three parts over the course of six months. The program teaches up-and-coming screenwriters how to turn a story into a feature film or TV script. The film office says, “Participants come out of the program with a completed first draft of a script, the confidence to pitch their project, and the preparation to push their work forward.”

This year’s program will begin in June with an online narrative lab. “Running the lab online makes the program even more accessible,” says Rocchio. “We find our online programs help forge community, and especially given that the writers’ retreat will be in person, we are confident we will achieve the goals with this model.”

Online Narrative Lab Highlights

  • Skill development
  • Story structure
  • Elements of project pitching
  • Creative production
  • Casting
  • Adaptation
  • Finance
  • Distribution
  • Access to working industry professionals
  • Peer-to-peer script note sessions
  • Roundtables
  • Networking opportunities

The online lab will be followed by a long-form writing program, which will be led by the co-founder of Stowe Story Labs, David Pope.

Long-Form Writing Program Highlights

  • 12 three-hour online sessions
  • Structured writing time
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Character-centered story building
  • Networking opportunities
  • Time to write and reflect on the scripts