ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new program hopes to reach kids earlier to make sure they get a head-start on education. The New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department is launching its first campaign, ‘Moments Together.’

“Let’s make sure that families get what they need as we continued to grow quality for early education and care. I think it says a lot about where New Mexico is going,” said Lois Vermilya, Director of the UNM Family Development Program and a part of the Moments Together campaign. “We’ve been working all over the state to support families and to support educators on knowing absolute best science for education on how young children learn and grow.”

The campaign is designed to help families teach their children from the moment they’re born. They plan to reach families through TV, radio and social media, as well as through WIC offices and pediatricians.

“Picture, if you’re a family member, and you’re getting messages from the state that what you do with your baby, your toddler, your preschooler, is that your child is ready, you’re ready, you’ve got everything it takes as a parent. You love that child, so all the learning that you do and relationship with your child is the foundation for how that child learns and grows,” said Vermilya. “Those everyday actions, those everyday moments are what are essential for healthy development.”

According to the state department, most child development happens from ages zero to five, so they hope to reach more families during this crucial period. New Mexico is one of only four states in the country to offer a department like this.

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