ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – How much did the pandemic hurt New Mexico school students’ learning? If you’re looking at the state test scores released Thursday, it’s a lot. Spring 2022 assessment data shows that a majority of the students in grades 3-8 and 11 tested were not proficient in language arts, math, and science. Nearly half a million students were tested. However, education leaders are optimistic about using these results as a baseline measure going forward. “This test is the best tool I’ve seen so far in New Mexico that we can use to make decisions to make adjustments to curriculum, to help parents understand what they might do from home to help their children,” says Dr. Kurt Steinhaus, Secretary of Education.

According to the data, only around 31% of kinder, first, and second-grade students were proficient or advanced in early literacy tests. Only around 34% of students in grades 3, 8, and 11 were proficient or advanced in language arts, and it’s about the same for science.

“These results don’t pass muster and we don’t pretend that they do. We are looking at the data with clear and eager eyes. We hold ourselves accountable to the students and their families and will work with our local school systems to identify and target schools and specific supports throughout the state while transparently reporting results,” said Matthew Goodlaw, director of research, evaluation, and accountability with the Public Education Department (PED).

Albuquerque Public Schools were a little better than the state average, but still not good. The Public Education Department also announced the Family Assessment Portal where families can access students’ results. It opens on September 16. In the presentation, the PED talked about comparing it to the 2019 state test results but did not show those in the presentation. The PED says it was a different test, so the numbers could not be accurately compared. Those results are on the PED website and are anywhere from 7% to 10% higher than this latest test.