NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Now that retail marijuana sales are happening in New Mexico, the Bernalillo Public Schools superintendent says faculty and staff are facing a whole new set of challenges. Superintendent Matt Montaño is speaking out after he says a school student brought marijuana edibles to school that looked like gummy candy, then passed it out to 14 classmates.

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Montaño says it does not appear the child knew the edibles contained cannabis but that points to a larger concern. Since marijuana products are more readily available now, Montaño says he’s concerned it could be easier for children to get a hold of it.

“So, even if this child was told ‘hey, you can’t have access to that,’ they still see it as candy and I think it’s really important before we jump to conclusions, it was probably just thought of, it’s just candy,” says Montaño.

He is urging parents to talk to their kids about the risks and make sure they keep marijuana products out of children’s reach. The district is also developing new training material to educate parents. “If we’re intentional and transparent and we communities and keep them updated, as well as take their feedback, maybe they’ll really work closely with our families and our seeing things we’re not seeing that we need to be aware of, I think we can hit this off,” Superintendent Montaño says.

He says the Sandoval County Sheriff’s office is now investigating but it’s unclear if any adults will be charged. News 13 reached out Wednesday to see if there is any new information about the case but did not get a response back.