ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Dress codes at Albuquerque Public Schools could be overhauled tonight. There’s even a proposal to loosen the rules to allow clothes like baggy pants and to show more skin. Part of the student handbook is going before a school board committee tonight. 

Some parents say they want schools to keep stricter dress codes. “Not just like they can wear whatever, but there are certain items, certain dresses, certain T-shirts or things that are more appropriate for school,” said APS parent Sergio Duran.

Another APS parent who didn’t want to go on camera says her daughter has been written up numerous times for wearing baggy sweatpants. If approved, things like that as well as hats and caps, sagging pants, low-cut tops, short shorts, skirts, and dresses would be allowed. Some things that will still be prohibited include obscene or violent language or images, depictions of alcohol or drugs, racist content, hate speech, and profanity. 

APS school board member Barbara Petersen says that she hopes to see the changes approved. She explained why the board is addressing this. “A pretty large number of very articulate and brilliant young women who’ve come to us said that the dress code as it exists gets very unequally enforced, directed against women. I think a lot of girls are saying, `we’ve had enough of this, we need to be able to express ourselves,'” said Barbara Petersen.

Individual APS schools could still adopt stricter dress codes or require uniforms. But the APS administration would have to sign off on the policies — and families would also have to agree to them in a mail-in vote.

Again, at Thursday night’s meeting, school board members will either decide to table, approve, or make changes to these provisions. Nothing is official until there is a vote. If approved or if changes are made it will be sent back to the full board of education on July 20.