ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Voters said yes to keep fueling hundreds of millions of dollars into Albuquerque Public Schools’ capital projects. So where is the money going? “So it’s approximately 265-million dollars over the course of six years,” said APS COO, Gabriella Blakey.

With 67% approval, Albuquerque voters have extended APS’ mill levy bringing in roughly $44-million a year to the district through 2030. “It really pays for supporting all of our maintenance of our facilities,” said Blakey.

Since it’s an extension property owner taxes won’t go up, continuing the rate of $2 for every thousand on assessed property value in the school district. “Our first reaction was just being really thankful that the community has invested their resources into our children,” said Blakey.

So what is APS spending on? A majority of that cash will pay for routine maintenance projects district-wide covering nearly 144 schools and 50 charter schools. “Looking at making sure that we are replacing and repairing HVAC systems, particularly in looking at how our summers have gotten to be really hot,” said Blakey.

It’s not all about the upkeep but also opportunity for students like music and fine arts instruments and equipment for all schools and technology devices. Plus individual school needs. “Each school gets an allocation that they can use for school improvement funds that pays for things like buying a new marquee or something specific to that school,” said Blakey.

APS officials also hope to bulk up programs for future generations. “I think that the school district is really committed to creating robust career technical education programs in the upcoming years,” said Blakey.

APS said the money will start being used in 2025, as the district is still spending funds from the current levy passed in 2019.