ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Public Schools is discussing plans to extend learning during the year for the entire district. Comments on social media have largely been against the idea with the most common argument being that teachers and students are already burned out. Instead, people say more instruction needs to happen during the regular school year.

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The teacher’s union says each school needs to make its own decision on whether to adopt the extended schedule. That’s how APS has handled the issue in the past with 9 schools voluntarily adopting it. The union says the district needs to listen to teachers and parents or it could cause a lot of unhappiness and unrest.

“If we are going to plan for an extended time, we need to plan well and need to plan in advance. It’s not just about extending the school year but making sure we have time to plan to engage in student-centered teaching and learning. That’s a shift,” said Ellen Bernstein, Albuquerque Teacher’s Federation President.

The extended learning program would require students to start the first day of school on July 27 and end on May 25. The last time this issue was discussed, 80% of parents who were polled were against extending the school year.

You can sign up to speak in person or virtually until the meeting starts at 5 p.m.