ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico school district says its students are still dealing with depression and anxiety from the pandemic. They know this because they’ve been tracking what students are doing on their school-issued laptops.

The Alamogordo School District says it’s learning a lot about its students through their search histories. The district hired a Texas-based company last year to monitor what its middle and high school students are searching for on their chrome books. They flag key words like “gun,” “kill,” or “taking pills,” and then alert the district.

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“There’s been times when there’s been a suicide plan or search where we have been able to contact the parents and alert them and as it turns out, there was a plan,” said Lisa Patch, Executive Director Health Services.

There is a team that gets the alerts, including mental health experts, parents are notified immediately. The police department can also be notified depending on the nature of the online search.

 “We haven’t had a case when they ignore it, they address it right away, and whether it was something or they were working on a school project, it has been a real partnership and we appreciate that partnership with our parents,” said Patch.

The school district also started a new summer camp program called “Healing Hearts” for students who lost friends or family during the pandemic.