ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (KRQE) – The Alamogordo Public Schools District is taking steps to improve security. Parents can now keep track of their kids through an ID card. 

“So, I’m hoping it gives parents and students and all of our staff a real sense of security, knowing that we know where these, where our, kids are,” said Superintendent Ken Moore. 

Students in elementary through high school will now have personal ID cards that will be used as bus passes. When students swipe their cards, it will allow bus drivers to make sure students are getting on and off at the correct bus stop. 

Parents can also download an app that lets parents see their child’s exact location while they ride the bus. It also lets parents send a text message to alert bus drivers if their child will not be riding the bus. 

“Parents have to have their own login that’s linked to their child or children if they have more than one, of course, but they’re not seeing everybody else,” said Moore. 

Superintendent Moore explained a barcode on the ID cards would allow students to log into their Chromebooks and let parents know if their child ate lunch. 

In the case of an emergency, the ID cards would also help staff reunite parents with their children by looking up their guardian information. 

The entire system, along with the tablets for the ID cards, cost about $50,000, which came from Alamogordo’s operational budget. Moore said he hopes this system is something that will be implemented everywhere. 

“We’re going to be one of the best school districts in this state and among the best in the country here soon. So, we’re on our way, but safety and security we want. That’s number one,” stated Moore. 

If an ID card was lost or stolen, the school can deactivate it and print students a new one. The Alamogordo school district hopes to have all schools using the ID cards by the end of next week.