NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The New Mexico Public Education Department reports that 57 educators received the National Board Certification for the first time while 82 others received renewed certification. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards made the announcement on Wednesday.

According to a news release from NMPED, the board has certified over 128,000 teachers since it was established in 1987. Every year, NMPED awarded up to $500,000 in scholarships to eligible teachers to seek a certification that costs a total of $1,900 and can take up to three years to complete.

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NMPED states that in some instances, the timeline can take up to five years. Teachers who have a minimum of three years of classroom experience can apply for one of the 25 possible certifications across four developmental levels and 16 areas of study.

NMPED reports that in all 25 certificate areas, candidates must complete the following four components:

  • Component 1: Content Knowledge (determined by a computer-based assessment taken at a testing center)
  • Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction (assessed by portfolio)
  • Component 3: Teaching Practice and Learning Environment (assessed by portfolio)
  • Component 4: Effective and Reflective Practitioner (assessed by portfolio)

National Board Certification must be renewed every five years which includes paying a fee and meeting the requirements for professional development.