Those long-awaited electronic scooters may not hit the streets of Albuquerque anytime soon. They were expected to launch this week, but so far no scooter companies have applied for permits. 

Both Razor and Bird, two national scooter companies, say the city’s rules are unreasonable and the city has made it impossible to do business here. E-scooters on the streets of Albuquerque may be nothing more than a pipe dream. 

“We keep getting promises, we keep coming up with creative and expansive ideas, but nothing comes to fruition,” said Stephen Balling.

With Lime, Bird and Razor all expressing interest in tapping into the Albuquerque market, the first permits were expected to be issued this week. So far, however, none of these companies have applied.  Instead, two of them are calling out the city in a letter to the mayor’s office, saying their regulations have made it impossible to launch their scooters. 

“We were very open in the process and we went back and forth before the regulations were set out,” said Carmelina Hart with the city’s Planning Department. 

In a joint letter, Bird and Razor say the city’s fees are too high. They also say the rules on where the scooters can be ridden and parked are “overly burdensome.” However, the city says they are trying to get ahead of any problems associated with e-scooters. 

“Our goal is safety and safety of the residents of Albuquerque, so that’s what we are focused on and we’ve been able to see other cities who are now dealing with safety issues with the scooters,” Hart said. 

Both companies say, for now, they have no plans on applying for permits and deploying scooters on the sidewalks of Albuquerque. Residents hope the city would be willing to compromise. 

“I think maybe we should meet in the middle, maybe some sort of balance if we could make some sort of agreement that would be great,” said Sam Romero. 

Although, that may not happen anytime soon. 

“The rules and regulations are established,” Hart said.

KRQE News 13 reached out to Lime to find out if they still planned on doing business in Albuquerque, but did not hear back. 

Both Bird and Lime have had scooters ready to go in Albuquerque for months. In the letter sent to the mayor’s office, the companies say if the city softens its regulations they could change their minds.