ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – New Mexico’s very first and only parquito was destroyed this week after a driver rammed through it.

“It was a big let down,” said Ed Paschic.

Albuquerque police said a driver tore through the parquito in front of Zendo Coffee in downtown Albuquerque Wednesday night.

“Completely destroyed, the tables were smashed,” said Paschic. “Well, I was very unhappy of course.”

Paschic is a regular at Zendo. He also helped build the small patio-like space that debuted in 2014.

“It was kind of the center of Zendo. I mean everybody knows Zendo for the parquito,” he said.

Zendo was the first place in New Mexico to have a parquito.

“It was really sort of a great example of what downtown Albuquerque is capable of. You know, having these great outdoor spaces to enjoy our beautiful weather and sit and have a cup of coffee,” said Zendo Owner Pilar Westell.

Westell said she got an email around 1 a.m. Thursday from someone saying a driver had crashed into the parquito.

“I was kind of sad about it and definitely frustrated of the fact that it’s gone because we worked really hard to get it put in place,” said Westell.

It took the shop nearly two months to build the parquito. They had to get a special permit from the city to install it because it took up a parking spot.

Westell said she is now working with her insurance company to get the parquito replaced.

APD said no charges will be filed in the case because they don’t know who was driving the truck when the crash happened.