ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – New and graphic details have emerged in the excessive force claims against an the Albuquerque Police Department officer who beat up a homeless man.

Officer Cedric Greer faced a judge Sunday and while his partner isn’t facing charges, he could be in trouble, too.

The allegations were first reported by an APD cadet. Soon after getting that tip, State Police started their investigation and their report is now out.

On March 20th, Greer and fellow APD Officer Jerry Rauch, along with that cadet, were called to the Best Choice Inn near Central and Louisiana to help a “down and out” subject.

The highly intoxicated man was brought downstairs and police found some marijuana on him.

According to the State Police report, Greer and the cadet stayed with him while Rauch ran to his car.

Investigators said when that man looked at the cadet, Greer told him not to and started hitting him in the face and ribs. During this, Greer allegedly asked “Who’s the man” repeatedly until the man told him “You’re the man.”

When Rauch returned, he said he was “going live” and then both officers turned their lapel cameras on. If that’s true, it’s a big violation of APD policy.

“Not only do we want them to be used, we want them turned on and it’s an accountability measure we think not only protects the community, but protects the officers themselves when they do the right things,” Mayor Richard Berry told KRQE News 13.

According to State Police interviews, the man never posed any kind of threat to the officers.

In court Sunday, Greer stood mostly silent. He’s allowed to remain out of custody on a $5,000 bond.

Greer was booked into MDC on a misdemeanor charge. There was a clerical error during the booking process and he was charged with felony aggrevated battery. In court Sunday, the judge read and arraigned him on a felony charge.

The D.A. will now have to step in and clean things up but Greer is only facing a misdemeanor charge.

“If it turns out through the justice system that these allegations are accurate, I have a lot of confidence there will be severe consequences for it,” Berry said.

The police report said the man never received any medical care for his injuries. According to the report, he had cuts on his face and x-rays eventually showed bruising near his ribs.

APD Chief Gorden Eden has ordered an internal investigation into both officers.