The two dads who got into a fight turned shooting outside Albuquerque’s Highland High School in April will not be charged.

KRQE News 13 has learned that District Attorney Raul Torrez’s Office has no plans to pursue a criminal case against either man.

Gunshots rang out at the school after a feud between two dads in the pick-up line escalated just off of school property.

Court documents and police lapel video reveal that ‘mean’ looks between Alex Placencio and Juan Saucedo led to the incident.

Placencio confronted Sacuedo, who threw a punch. Then Placencio got a baseball bat while Saucedo got a metal pole. Saucedo ended up shooting Placencio in the leg and hand before fleeing the scene.

At the time, the Albuquerque Police Department was certain that the men would face the consequences. Now, we’ve learned that’s not the case.

APD handed over its case to the DA’s Office, which then decided not to pursue charges. The men already said they didn’t want to pursue charges against each other, but APD referenced other possible crimes, like felony public affray.

The DA’s Office sent this statement to KRQE News 13 regarding the case.

 After a detailed investigation, prosecutors discovered Alex Placencio was found as [sic] culpable as Juan Saucedo in this incident. Though Placencio was shot, he was the aggressor. Both parties have valid defense claims in this incident caught on cell phone video. Additionally, other potential charges such as; child endangerment and negligent use of a weapon were tied to the justified shooting of Placencio and also declined.

The two men have restraining orders against each other and have to pick up their kids on opposite sides of the school now.

Albuquerque Public Schools did not get back to us regarding whether the men were banned from campus. According to court documents and on camera in the lapel video, Placencio is an APS employee.