ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Would you wear the same t-shirt for 30 years? One man is hoping you will.

He has created what he calls a sustainable line of fashion with clothing guaranteed to last decades.

The British designer behind the collection was in New Mexico on Friday.

Designer Tom Cridland said most of his customers are actually in the U.S., including in New Mexico.

The idea is to buy less and buy better.

“Something that would last a long time would make me very happy because I’d be spending a lot less money,” Cara Martin said.

Better for your wallet and the environment.

“That way we don’t have to be producing that much and have that much waste left over of people throwing clothes away,” Dinh Nguyen said.

That is the concept behind Cridland’s 30 Year Collection.

It includes the 30 Year sweatshirt, T-shirt, jacket and pants.

“It’s going to last a minimum of 30 years, so it will save you money,” he said.

It may save you in the long-run, but a 30 Year sweatshirt goes for $80 up front.

“Being a college student, it’s like, $80 on anything is quite, quite an amount,” Nguyen said.

“Well for a sweatshirt, I’d probably buy a cheaper one,” Amelia Ranney said.

If anything happens in 30 years, the company will mend the clothes and send them back for free.

But to make sure they last, Cridland said the items are shrink-proof, made with double reinforced seams.

“The fact that it’s guaranteed to last 30 years means it’s produced to a higher standard, so it will look better,” he said.

Cridland is in New Mexico as part of a cross-country tour.

“We went to the Biological Park yesterday, and I’m sure people are fed up hearing about it in Albuquerque but I did go to see some of the Breaking Bad sites because it’s one of my favorite TV shows of all time,” Cridland said.

While he’s new to New Mexico, he said his clothing is not.

“We’re probably between 200 and 300 customers, which considering I’m a British guy from Northamptonshire in the British countryside, to even have one customer in New Mexico is quite astounding really,” Cridland said.

This all began for him as a start-up company after college, but Cridland said things took off after celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Craig became customers.

While it’s a men’s line now, he plans to also release women’s clothing later this year.